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LetterBlocks 0003s 0000 p roseWe have taken 100's of thousands of images over the years. This includes rallies, news conferences, marketing images, product images, and most recently, Google Photospheres.

It is easier than ever to take a picture (or thousands). But it still hard to make great, memorable image.

We want images that put you in the moment, that engage you immediately to imagine the emotion, or circumstances of the photo. It's hard word and takes many years of practice beyond mastering the technical requirements.

Below are some of my favorite images from the last few years. Click on the images for the full resolution versions.

I encourage you to download and enjoy these for personal use. Commercial use and reproduction for sale or inclusion in photo sets or publications is specifically prohibited without licensing. Please contact me if you would like to use one of my images.

New York Firehouse

LO IMG 20160215 153453BW

After attending a trade show at the Javitz Center in New York, I walked uptown to meet my daugher. It was an overcast, snowy day, and the red doors stood out so vividly against the gray of the city.

Veterans Funeral

LO IMG 2589

The father of a good friend of mine died quite suddenly. Since many of his friends could not get to the funeral they asked me cover it. He was a veteran and in this shot she is being handed the flag by the color guard.

1932 Aeronca Surveillance Airplane

LO IMG 5973

My son flies a completely restored 1932 Aeronca Army surveillance plane. It is really just wood, canvas. and wire and requires a manual start.

Young Republican

MarcoCiavolino Enktesis DSC 8934W

Maryland Senator Nancy Jacobs' (Ret) granddaughter during a July 4 parade in Bel Air, Maryland.

Moss After the Rain

LO IMG 3874

The vivid color and fascinating patterns are amplifed by the moisture after a hard rain.

John Kasich Rally

LO IMG 3249

Candidate for president, John Kashich, adresses an enthusiastic crowd at a stop in Maryland on June 2016.

Senator Nancy Jacobs (Ret) Leads Voters at a Town Hall Meeting

MarcoCiavolino Enktesis DSC 3435W

When the state tried to raise tolls on a local bridge in Harford County thousands came out to protest. State Senator Nancy Jacobs (Ret) was their main advocate.

The Remaining Crew of LST 395

MarcoCiavolino Enktesis DSC07288W

This was the remaining crew of the brave men who crewed LST395. Taken in May 2002, I would guess there are less of them now. My dad, on the far left, is 91 and still active as ever. Click here for the NavSource info on LST 395.

The Grand Canyon at Dusk

MarcoCiavolino Enktesis DSC05803w

The amazing Grand Canyon at dusk.

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